Zywpeit - We make passenger management and safeguarding simple

Key Features

  • Live student monitoring and vehicle tracking 24 hours a day
  • Reporting ability per route, per day and per child
  • Safeguarding of student's movements to and from school
  • Flexibility for use with ad hoc and / or regular sporting fixtures
  • Administrative scheduling time saving, and complete accuracy of students travel history
  • Secure live access for schools and parents from any pc, tablet or mobile phone
  • Non-intrusive, GDPR compliant and independent of existing systems

Non Intrusive Solutions

Zywpeit is a non-intrusive, portable system that monitors and registers the movement of students boarding and exiting school buses using the latest mobile NFC technology.

There's no costly installation, handsets can be moved between vehicles, web based management system and flexible payment terms

Simple, Flexible, Secure

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